Dislocated Communication

With the end of summer, we now present you a third instalment of the Dislocations-series. As we over the year have moved forward, we can finally present to you a new collection of three tracks, created with the same unsynchronised methods as the previously two editions. Sit down, relax and be transported by the means of three different modes of communication.

Intention, composition, encoding, transmission, reception, reconstruction and interpretation.

Communication between entities and entities and their environments takes many forms. Dislocated Communication takes you to the birdsong of the jungle, the electromagnetic ocean of telecommunication and the physical but inaudible world of ultrasound, three unique methods of communication that allow their users to connect with their surroundings in a myriad of ways.

Dislocated Communication is a collection of entirely improvised ambient pieces that make use of unsynchronized sequences, programmed (limited) randomization, mathematical processes and random chance (human) operations.

Tools used: Machinedrum, OP-1, Nanoloop 2, Samplr, Pure Data, Ableton, Max4Live

Music improvised by Anssi Alhopuro and Pär Carlsson. Mixed and mastered by Pär Carlsson. Artwork by Anniina Saksa

Lucid Dreaming – Finally released!

It is with true joy I announce that my latest album as TRD is released! It has been a work in progress building up over the last five years, and now it is finally finished and ready for your eardrums and minds!

You can find a free download from Ektoplazm, as usual, but do feel free to donate any sum you are capable to on my bandcamp page! Even the smallest donation puts a smile on my face 🙂

Escorting you through the swamps of reality, Lucid Dreaming is a deep and personal ride through the subjective depth of a single mind. Developed over five years, this album describes a personal struggle expressed through hopeful harmonies, challenged by a looming darkness that seem to never fully cease its hold. The resulting journey is an emotional 45 minute ride through the dreams of the creator, TRD, illustrating personal development through melodic expression. Although danceable throughout, providing the listener with dense, atmospheric psychedelic trance spanning 105–145 BPM, the artist intends for this album to be listened in solitude by individuals seeking music that evokes questions rather than providing answers. In comparison to TRD’s last album, Apostles Of The Universe, this one is faster, more demanding, and perhaps even more rewarding. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with original photography by Hanna Täubers Grahn.

00 - TRD - Lucid Dreaming - Image 1


Dislocated mountain out now!

Dislocated Mountain is now out and available all around the web! You’ll find links to Spotify & Bandcamp at the bottom, but the album will be found on all major stores!

No-one knows what awaits at the peaks of Dislocated Mountains. The only constant about this landscape is that everything is continuously falling apart and reorganizing itself in unexpected ways. Ideas of repetition, memory and familiarity are apparent, yet strangely convoluted. Dislocations remain true to the structural ideas that were conceived with Dislocated Gravitation, while continuing our exploration of unsynchronized sequences in electronic music improvisation. These tracks have been edited and mixed from jams recorded in late spring 2015.

Gear list:
Ableton, Maschine, Pure Data, Samplr, Machinedrum, OP-1, Volca Keys, Yamaha QY70


Subseptance – Dropworks #1

We are truly happy to share the first documentation of a full live performance with custom built generative music instrument “Dropworks”!

Dropworks #1 is the first in a series of pieces that explore the instrument and its vast potential to create naturally polyrhythmic generative music.

More information about this project: Subseptance

Dislocated Gravitation

Dislocated Gravitation is an experimental electronic music project that studies rhythmic structures on the edges of musical intelligibility. All of our material is created as live improvisation with a set of hardware and software. The relations between parallel sequences are based on mathematical ideas and chance-operations, instead of conventional music theory. This results in unexpectedly evolving harmonic and rhythmic textures that reflect the seemingly random, yet structured way nature itself works.

Available for free/pay what you can below!

Dislocated Gravitation


Subseptance is a sound experiment by Pär Carlsson. With it, he delivers lush ambient music, most often written for (/with) a custom built instrument that makes use of 6 hospital infusions, dripping water at individual rates. Every time a drop is released from its tube it triggers a message that is sent to his computer in order to generate musical information in the form of midi data and randomization of parameters within Ableton.

To accomplish this he has developed a custom setup based around MAX/MSP and Ableton live. Because of the way the device is constructed, the rates of dripping will never be the same twice. This, in combination with the randomization happening in the Samplers and Synths, makes every performance of the pieces written with the instrument unique and never repeating.

Forest Euphoria is one of the first pieces written with the instrument, and can be described as a drowsy, textural sound world calling from an afar grove of eternal stillness. All sounds are triggered by the instrument.

The newest times

Finally I’ve made some progress in my web deveoloping. Hope to keep this active, updated, downloadable and good looking in the future.