Dislocated Communication

With the end of summer, we now present you a third instalment of the Dislocations-series. As we over the year have moved forward, we can finally present to you a new collection of three tracks, created with the same unsynchronised methods as the previously two editions. Sit down, relax and be transported by the means of three different modes of communication.

Intention, composition, encoding, transmission, reception, reconstruction and interpretation.

Communication between entities and entities and their environments takes many forms. Dislocated Communication takes you to the birdsong of the jungle, the electromagnetic ocean of telecommunication and the physical but inaudible world of ultrasound, three unique methods of communication that allow their users to connect with their surroundings in a myriad of ways.

Dislocated Communication is a collection of entirely improvised ambient pieces that make use of unsynchronized sequences, programmed (limited) randomization, mathematical processes and random chance (human) operations.

Tools used: Machinedrum, OP-1, Nanoloop 2, Samplr, Pure Data, Ableton, Max4Live

Music improvised by Anssi Alhopuro and Pär Carlsson. Mixed and mastered by Pär Carlsson. Artwork by Anniina Saksa

Categories: Music