Dislocated mountain out now!

Dislocated Mountain is now out and available all around the web! You’ll find links to Spotify & Bandcamp at the bottom, but the album will be found on all major stores!

No-one knows what awaits at the peaks of Dislocated Mountains. The only constant about this landscape is that everything is continuously falling apart and reorganizing itself in unexpected ways. Ideas of repetition, memory and familiarity are apparent, yet strangely convoluted. Dislocations remain true to the structural ideas that were conceived with Dislocated Gravitation, while continuing our exploration of unsynchronized sequences in electronic music improvisation. These tracks have been edited and mixed from jams recorded in late spring 2015.

Gear list:
Ableton, Maschine, Pure Data, Samplr, Machinedrum, OP-1, Volca Keys, Yamaha QY70


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